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    Tableau Tab level access

    Nitin Soni

      Hi All, i have 10 dashboards in a Workbook. I have multiple users.What i want is to able to give access to specific tabs to specific people. Example User A should see only A1, A2, A3 tabs of the dashboard, User B should see A4,A5,A6,A7 tabs of dashboard and User C should see A1 & A7 tab. Is it technically possible to do so ?


      Row based filtering can help but it of no use or i am not sure how can i use it to achieve the above requirement. I want to avoid creating multiple workbooks.

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          Joe Oppelt

          If the tabs are there, you can't stop users from clicking them.  And if you publish with tabs, all users see all tabs. 


          I have some dashboards in a large workbook where general users don't have access.  Only power-users can see it.  I pop out a sheet for non-power-users that hides the whole dashboard for general users, and that sheet just gives a message that says, "You are not authorized to access this dashboard.  Click here to return to the main dashboard."  And then there is a select action so that when they click, they go back to MAIN.


          I govern access by Server groups, and I use the ISMEMBEROF() function to determine who is whom.

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            Joe Oppelt

            Here is a rough example of what I was describing.

            On Dashboard 1 there is a parameter.  If it is set to 1, when you go to Dashboard 2 you get the message that you are OK.  If the parameter is set to 2 when you click dashboard2 tab, you get a sheet that makes you click to go back to dashboard1.

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              Nitin Soni

              Thanks Joe, but i do not want the users to know that a tab exists. Basically my users are very senior level exec's. It would look very odd if i throw a message with no access. I tried ISMEMBEROF() and User level filtering. But doesn't solve the purpose. I also want to know if technically that is possible. ? Else only solution is creating multiple workbooks. But i am not comfortable managing them. One change in the SQL code i have to replicate everywhere and it is not right way of doing too.


              Hide Tabs thing works but issue is one tab is visible at a time. Granting sheet level access doesn't help too.

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                Joe Oppelt

                You can keep one workbook, but do separate publications from the same workbook.  In each publication, give it a different name, and specify the dashboards for that publication.

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                  Nitin Soni

                  Yep, that is the final option if no solution is available... but thanks for your advise ! Appreciate your time...