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    Too many exec of MS SQL Stored procedure


      In Tableau 10.5 Server I have a dashboard which show the results of one stored procedure from SQL Server 2005. The dashboard contains one sheet (and one other sheet for a viz insiede tooltips).

      The stored procedure is easy, doesn't have any input variable and can be executed in only 10-12 seconds, so I decided to use a LIVE data source.


      The problem is that, when I select anything from the filters, Tableau Server start loading for 2-3 minutes and then show a message that there are problems with the data source.

      I have made a small log table about the execution of the SP and I understand that, when the user make hands on some filter (even if change just one parameter), the SP is executed not once but 7-8 times simultaneously and, of course, generate the error.


      Why the SP is called so many times even the user change only one parameter? Any idea on what should I look at?


      My objective is the following:

      1. The user log-in into Tableau Server;
      2. The user open the dashoard;
      3. Tableau Server execute the SP (just one time!)
      4. The user can see the data from the SP output and use the filters without executing the SP another time.