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    I am new to tableau and struggling with even simple joins of data

    Alan Radford

      in the attached simple example i have recreated my problem in a .xls with 2 workbooks.

      the first one (labelled visits)has the number of visits seen by a vet each day in january - this is one very busy vet! so on the 1st january this vet saw 24 animals.

      the second (labelled lame cases) shows the type (dog or cat) of animal and dates for a particular disease.... lets say limping.  so on 1st jan this vet saw no limping animals, whereas on the 3rd jan they saw 1 limping cat and and 1 limping dog.


      what i ultimately want to plot is the percentage of visits on each day of January as a line graph that were for limping regardless of the species.

      so for 1st jan it is 0%

      for the 3rd jan it is 2 out of 25 which is 8%


      I am really struggling to even get the join to work.

      would be very grateful if someone could help - suspect once i have that sorted i will be fine.


      tableau desktop 2018.1.4