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    Seasonal Performance Percentage

    Nitish Subramanian

      Screenshot of the data is attached, what I am trying to achieve is, I need percentage to be calculated for [Sum(test lookup)/ 12] -> 12 is basically no. of months in a year.


      Problem Statement: In the view only pincodes will be shown (screenshot is filtered for 1 pincode), against each pincode I need to calculate seasonal performance percentage which is as below-

      For every combination of year-month-pincode: no. of complaints is calculated. If this is greater than 150 then a flag is to be calculated which will be 1 else if its not greater than 150 then this flag will be set to 0. Now sum of all these 1's against combination of year-month-pincode should be summed up and divided by 12, which will give me seasonal performance percentage in return.


      Please help!!