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    Help with Data Blending

    Pinaz Jain

      Hi All,


      I have different excel files for sales data each coming from different source:

      A - Sales data file for country x with DD Number (Delivery Doc Number) and no. of units corresponding to each DD number.

      B - Same file as A but for another country

      C - Master file which contain all DD numbers for each country along with total cost amount associated with each DD (Delivery Doc Number).


      Output - End output which I need is a table with a single row data for each country with 3 columns Country name, Total Count of DD, Total Cost for DD.


      I tried data blending keeping File C as primary and A & B as secondary data source with DD number as relationship. But seems we cannot blend 2 secondary data source with same field.

      Please help me on this.


      Thanks in advance.