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    Fix the Dimension irrespective of filter change

    siva Nageswara Rao



      I have a requirement of showing a Target line by Tenure Vs Years data by Tenure.


      I have plot the Line chart using the Dual axis for Target and Years data. I have a Year filter and based on the filter selection no. of lines per year will vary. I want my Target line should be fixed irrespective of Year filter selection.

      But I'm unable to achieve that.


      for example, If I have 45 Tenures in 2014 and Target line is plotting for 45 months, if I select only 2015 it has only 25 Tenures because of this my data got filtered and Target line is varying. can you please tell me how to fix the Tenure (months) irrespective of Year filter selection.




      I want fix this tenure dimension/Measure fix irrespective of filter selection. Attached the sample workbook.

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