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    High number of concurrent idle session using live connection

    Kiran Anumalla



      I am using Tableau 10.5 and am facing below scenario -


      • Earlier, I had Tableau reports with an extract connection but the requirement changed to switch to live connection to Teradata
      • Upon testing for the first dashboard with live connection, there are many concurrent sessions in Teradata from Tableau
      • There are intermittent periods of high number of concurrent sessions even if there are no active requests


      I have tried changing the user session timeout value from default 240 mins to 30 mins - https://kb.tableau.com/articles/howto/changing-the-user-session-timeout

      But still I could see high number of idle sessions.


      Although I did not try below one, but I found this related to this issue which has connections settings-


      Here, I am not clear about Connections and Sessions.

      What is the the difference between connection and session? What would be the number of connections and sessions if both the Tableau user access both the dashboards in below case?

      Tableau Users - 2

      Database Account user - 1

      Dashboards - 2

      Tabs in each dashboard - 3



      Also, any solution in tackling high number of idle sessions?


      Appreciate any help in this.


      Many thanks,


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          Bryan Fernandez



          I just want to answer your connections and session comparison,

          A connection is opening a communication between a client to a requested node.

          In lay mans term, a pc (1)connects to a (1)server that is 1 connection. (can be close and open)

          A session is an opening of actions to a certain applications or systems,

          Again, 1 user can make multiple sessions. on the server side, it could accumulate to your server and occupy resources.

          Sessions wont end unless it has a time limit or terminated.


          I think you should limit or make the time span shorter for taking care of idle sessions.