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    Gant chart

    Marvin Rosian

      Hello again,


      i have another question regarding gant charts. For my specific toolnumber 200052751 i made three Loops with a Starting-date ("Sampling Planned") and a duration time ("Duration Days Planned"). I would like to make another three Loops for the same toolnumber, but with a different start date ("Sampling Finished") and a different duration time ("Duration Days Finished").

      The problem is that all my dates and duration times effecting the same timeline, it is not possible (at least for me) to make two timelines with the specific dates for the same toolnumber. I do not want to make another gant chart because der are many toolnumbers and i need the specific timelines directly side by side.

      Is there a why to do that without editing the raw datas? Thank you very much!



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          I'm not sure if this will work for your true setup,

          but maybe you can try unioning the table to itself.

          Then you can use formulae such as:


          [Start Time]:

          IF [Table Name]="Sheet1" THEN [Sampling Planned] ELSE [Samp Finished] END


          Similarly for [EndTime]:

          IF [Table Name]="Sheet1" THEN [Eval Planned] ELSE [Eval Finished] END


          Then duration is:



          Please see workbook v10.3 attached in the Forum Thread.