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    Tableau Desktop 2018.2: "Column... Unavailable after aggregation"

    Nanditha Elango

      I had a workbook that was working fine on 10.3. We upgraded to 2018.2 last week and I get the following error:


      "ERROR: Column 'Extract'.'GL_Code' is not available after aggregation






      I figured out that the issue occurs due to one calculated field called B_Header. It is calculated as follows:

      IF A_Header = something THEN something

      ELSEIF C_Header = something and A_Header = something THEN something



      Now, A_Header is the calculation that uses GL_Code. It is calculated as follows:


      IF GL_Code = sometthing THEN something

      ELSEIF GL_Code = somethingelse THEN somethingelse



      Yes, I agree that we could have used Groups, but can someone please explain why this is causing the error?