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    Click Map to see % of shared Items

    Chao Chen

      Hi, I have a table where I have various Walmart locations and their zip codes (first two columns) and subsequent "Walmart Locations With Share Inventory" and 1) their respective zip codes and 2) the % of shared inventory it has on the record level.


      For example, "Walmart with Shared Inventory" Location Code 010 has 50% of the same inventory shared at "Walmart Location" Code 990.


      I needed a map where if I clicked on Walmart Location Code 990, it would show all of the "Walmart Location With Shared Inventory" items i.e. it would show Location codes 010, 011, 012, 013, and 014 all on a map.


      Any help is appreciated.



      Walmart LocationWalmart Location Zip CodeWalmart Location With Shared InventoryWalmart Location With Shared Inventory Zip CodePercentage of Shared Inventory
      Code 99033124Code 010358010.5
      Code 99032801Code 011995010.1
      Code 99030301Code 012850010.4
      Code 99096801Code 013722010.3
      Code 99083254Code 014942030.7
      Code 99160601Code 210900010.3
      Code 99162701Code 700902090.24
      Code 99146201Code 701802010.76
      Code 99152801Code 70261010.3
      Code 99150301Code 703199010.45
      Code 99167201Code 704200010.87
      Code 99141701Code 705325010.98