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    Replace Data Source : Create Group From Calcualted Field?

    Benjamin Cole

      Hi Ya'll!



      I'm building from 3 AWS tables that total almost a billion rows of data.  Thus I've created a smaller 1 million row TDE using custom SQL.  I build my views using the TDE and then replace the data source with the real AWS data.  (The two data sources have the same fields)



      I'm creating a map using a country field and then grouping those counties via a region field.  I need the country field in the view so that the map locates the regions correctly, but i need to create groupings so that my measures aggregate by region and not by country.



      When I replace the data source from TDE to AWS the groups don't automatically get created in the new data source.  If there was a way to create groups via a calculated field, i could copy that calc from one data source to the other.


      Should I be using sets instead?