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    Calculating the distance between two lats/longs

    Julianne Hergenroder



      I have joined two tables in tableau, both with lats/longs. I am trying to measure the distance between the two separate lats/longs for each table (patient to medical clinic). I looked at previous forum posts and tried using the query, which I cannot get to work. When I use the Custom SQL and paste in:



        [Sheet1$].[Location] AS [Location],

        [Sheet1$].[Long] AS [Long],

        [Sheet1$].[Lat] AS [Lat],


        [Sheet1b$].[Location] AS [Location2],

        [Sheet1b$].[Long] AS [Long2],

        [Sheet1b$].[Lat] AS [Lat2]


      FROM [Sheet1$] INNER JOIN [Sheet1$] [Sheet1b$]

      ON ([Sheet1$].[Location] <> [Sheet1b$].[Location])


      I get an error. I have tried editing this to fit my sheets, columns and I always get the message: (ERROR: syntax error at or near "["; Error while executing the query).

      The link to the example online downloads blank for me from the forum; does anyone have any recommendations?


      Thank you,