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    Monthly Running Totals (Tableau 10.5.2)

    Kevin Keoghan

      Hi all


      I am trying to graph some data over time and have been using this as a guide (https://kb.tableau.com/articles/howto/showing-records-that-fall-within-a-period-of-time ) but i am stuck as I cannot get it to work quite right for my data.


      I am trying to graph how many tickets are open over a period of time. Its a bit tricky in that I don't have a close date but if the status of a ticket and is 'NOCO' it means that ticket has been completed and I can use the Last Action Date as the Close Date. (Close Date Adjusted).  (Also anything that was created prior to 03/07/2017 I am giving a start date of 03/07/2017 as there is some really old legacy stuff)


      So i can do this in Excel no problem but not in Tableau and this what the graph should look like (the green line)

      However when i try to modify the guide i have been using i get this which is clearly wrong.

      I have spent ages trying to get my head around this and i just can't seem to crack it. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Attached is the work book (& spreadsheet)