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    Viewing Data at YTD Level but With a Month Level Filter Inside the Formula

    Fabian Aparisi

      Hello all,


      I have a view that is trying to show YTD values, but I need it to be filtered by a value at the month level, and I need that filter to be in the formula, not in the filter sheet so it's not filtering every measure. Let me explain.


      I have a sheet:


      I currently have my month measure hidden. The reason for that is because I am trying to filter all Cure rate values where the month purge rate is only 96% or higher for that month. The problem, however is that because my purge rate filter is in the Sheet's filter area, it's also filtering out any SEC that were part of those months that have less than 96% purge rate.


      So long story short, I'm looking for a formula that would calculate the cure rate, but only use the values if that month's purge rate is greater than or equal to the parameter I have set up. A visual example of what I'm trying to do is:



      So the end result is something like:


      I've attached an example workbook of what produced the images above.