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    Web Data Connector for Mixpanel

    Kellet Atkinson

      Has anyone here had any success building a basic web connector for Mixpanel?


      I have attempted to adapt one of the SDK examples for Mixpanel, but I am having trouble authenticating the request. The Mixpanel Export API uses basic auth, but rather than a user:password combo, they simply provide a "Secret_Key" that replaces the "user" portion of the auth function. There is no value for "password".


      I can successfully make a curl request to the API and return data, so I know the API works and accepts a basic auth config. My first thought is that it could be a CORS issue, and Mixpanel documentation says they support JSONP requests, but I cannot find any examples of how to generate the proper JSONP request.


      Any help from someone who has successfully built a web connector for Mixpanel or any other source using a similar set up would be greatly appreciated. Happy to provide more details/source files if needed.