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    Left Join Data on Different Levels of Granularity

    Sun Park



      I have unique problem that I would really appreciate your help on.


      I have customer register data so every time a customer buys something at a store, I have a line for them in my SQL query that I connected to my workbook. The data has multiple months, years and store locations. I need this customer granularity to be able to see if they qualify for discounts based on certain factors so I am not able to aggregate it to a total monthly customer spend level.


      Since I am not able to aggregate the data, when I try to left join a "total catering amount spent" per location which is Excel, I end up having that "total catering amount spent" multiplied by the number of customer lines I have in that location. This total is done at the location level by month so is a lot less granular than the customer data. Is there a way to set this up so I don't have this problem? I think I could make a calculated field and hard code the values but I would prefer not to have to do that since I have over 20+ locations.


      I hope that my question made sense and I am happy to clarify if needed!


      Thank you so much in advance.