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    Calculate the completion rate for the said duration with distinct count and also have % of completion

    Vishant Nayak

      Hi Team,


      Please can you help in resolving the below issue.


      I am unable to get the below calculations. Attached sample workbook


      1. How to calculate distinct count of completion per duration . For ex..here I am calculating number of user updating <10 days, <20 days. The issue, if the user is updating twice for different dates then the count of user should be taken with the latest update date.

          In the below calculation

              a. DATEDIFF('day',[Date Updated],today())

              b. if [Date Diff]<=10 then "10" else "Not Updated" END


           for ex: <10 days although the total distinct is "62" her total of <10 days is 8 - Updated and 60 - Not Updated = "68"  


      2. Also want to display % of update v/s not updated user's for above view said duration and also for region wise.


      sample 2.JPG