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    Excel on Onedrive - convert to Custom SQL

    Cristian Duca

      hi all


      I have an excel which is located on Onedrive ( my Onedrive). Tableau can connect to it easily, so no problem there.


      However, I want to have this excel Open in legacy connection so I can make a Custom SQL.


      In the Onedrive window from Tableau I dont have such option.


      Could you please tell me if this is possible and how?


      If not, can you tell me what other options I have except a shared drive (we use this and its really slow)


      - I need to use Custom sql because I have elaborated IIF statenemts which I dont know If I can make in the Filters ( let me know If I can)

      - the end purpose is to be able to refresh the extract from the server side ( I do not have admin rights)