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    Include a integer range from 1 to n for every row in a dataset for a Coxcomb chart

    John Salazar



      I have recently created a Coxcomb chart as described here: #ReViz – Coxcombs in Tableau – Part 2 – Ben Moss

      The process works fine, however, it requires you to modify your original dataset to include PathIDs from 1 to n for each row, where n is the number of path segments you would like your polygon to be (greater n results in a smoother polygon).  While this is ok for a smaller dataset, a substantially larger dataset with rows across many dates might be problematic in terms of size - the number of rows would grow by a factor of n using this method.  e.g. A 5000 row dataset would turn into a 50000 row dataset if even just 10 points are desired.


      Since the PathIDs are fairly straightforward (just a integer range from 1 to n for every row) I'm just wondering if it is possible to create the PathIDs within Tableau without modifying the original dataset.  I've seen another workbook example of a Coxcomb chart using bins (Creating Coxcomb Charts in Tableau | Bora Beran), but I have never used them before, and am unsure how they work.


      Please let me know if you have any ideas.