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    Calculate Percent of Grand Totals with LOD

    Alex Zelman


      I'm new to Tableau and ran into this issue.


      I have a simple table and want to keep the data as is and add a % of total to tooltip.  It works fine using FIXED LOD as a percent of each cell divided by TOTAL number of count regardless of bucket.

      It works fine until you want to filter out a specific city - the percent stays the same if you remove a city or multiple cities.


      I understand that it's because FIXED expressions are happen before the Dimension filters and therefore the % stays the same.

      For example - Miami is at 25.79% ( see tooltip).  If Chicago is removed it's still showing 25.79% which needs to reflect only data that still in the view and therefore should be 55.55%.


      Trying to see if there is any workaround to solve this?


      Thanks in advance.