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    Tableau Server - Set Homepage with No Tabs, No Toolbar, No AshowVizHome

    Emanuele Marcandella

      Hi everyone,

      I'm going to release to the final customer a Viz with 4 Dashboards that they can only navigate without big interactions (just view, filter and jumper).


      I set 2 different resolutions:

      • 1 default (1366x768)
      • 1 desktop (1920x1080)


      When I log in with my PC, resolution 1920x1080, and I select the fullscreen, it's not full screen because of TOOLBAR and TABS.


      I need to set the homepage of every user in way in which the dashboard is completely visible - no scrollbar.


      I really hope that there is a way to do that...!


      The solution with


      is not an option because I can't use the fullscreen button


      The F11 solution is not an option because I keep seeing the Tableau logo.