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    Line graph, same aggregation, two different filters difference


      I'm trying to take the percent difference between indicators. My percent is quotes over total records. Basically, I want to create an incremental quote line graph month-to-month. For example, for January 2016, if an indicator for column 'x' == 'N', then find that percent and divide it by column 'x' =='Y' percent and put it on the same line graph. I cannot find a way to do this in the calculated field. My format for the agg(percent) is sum(quote count)/sum(total count). I'm trying to say something in the calculated field like: if(column 'x' == 'N') then sum(quote count)/sum(total count) where column 'x' == 'N'., elseif (column 'x' == 'Y') then sum(quote count)/sum(total count) where column 'x' == 'Y'. Hopefully this makes sense, I cannot believe it's that hard to do. I searched the forums but can only find examples where people aggregate incrementals from two columns, not from one column with two different filters. Thanks!


      example: for january 2016, if agg(percent) = 3.00% where column 'x' == 'N' and agg(percent) = 1.00% where column 'x' == 'Y', then the line graph should have a point of 2.00% for January 2016.