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    Facing overlapping issues by filtering some dimensions ?

    RR P

      Hi All,


      I have defined some color coding to the cells based on Actual Vs Target and when I was filtering the data based on region, color coding is not coming perfectly for some months data i.e. instead of coming ''Red'' it is coming as ''Green'' vice versa.


      If i pull the data for one region and apply same color coding, It's reflecting file. If the data has all regions then I am facing those kind of issues.


      It's a confidential information that''s why not sharing any workbook and data.


      For your reference, PFB the below screehshots.



      If we look at the last row, I have written a condition i.e If actual <=RoFo then Green else Red. But for Jan-18 alone it's not working for rest all it's working fine. These kind of issues i am facing when i select the hub wise filters.


      Please help me to resolve this and