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    Visualizing multiple dimensions in the X axis

    Himanshu Singh



      I am facing a problem where I want to display different measures on my X axis. The data is related to the sales information of customers. I have:


      1. actual revenue

      2. Price of a new package if I assign them that package (Package Price)

      3. Name of the package

      3. The total increment I will like to have after assigning them the new package

      4. The current size banding of the customer.



      Customer NameAnnual RevenuePackageSIZEPACKAGE PRICENEW TARGET PRICE


      I want to visualize the above in the following manner


      I have a customer 'A' in size 1-1. I want to see the following in the chart.


      1. the revenue he will achieve in package all the other packages given the same size band.

      2. I will also like to see the revenue which I am getting now, my target price, and the package price I am assigning now.


      I am attaching here a packaged workflow.


      Till now I have been using parameters and sets, but I am not getting what the information on the X-axis. Thanks in advance for the help.