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    Filter not working as expected

    Marek Furka


      The 2 sheets below are exact duplicates of each other placed within one dashboard. The first one is set to be used as a filter. I am unfortunately unable to share the workbook or a lot more info generally but does anyone have any idea why are there so few selected data points on the second sheet?


      Thanks a lot


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          Ken Flerlage

          Impossible to be sure without seeing workbook, I fear. Is there any way that you can replicate this problem with another data set, such as Superstore?

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            Ken Flerlage

            Hi, just following up on this one. Let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

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              Marek Furka

              No, thanks so far. I was not able to replicate the issue within a short while and I had  to move on to other tasks...

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                Marek Furka

                So I tried further to replicate the issue with the superstore dataset, however everyting seems to work fine in there.


                After that I tried to simplificate my workbook as much as possible trying to see if the issue dissapears but it did not. Currently the source data contains only 3 columns - gps latitude, gps longitude and a date field. Group by was done in the database before on the gps coordinates, so all the gps positions are distinct, dates might not be distinct. The data is being used as an extract from cloudera hadoop. No join is done in Tableau. All I did in Tableau was double clicking the gps coordinates in the dimensions tab one after another, they correctly appeared on the map. Then I clicked on the sheet and duplicated it (did not modify anything after that). Afterwards I created a dashboard and placed both sheets on the dashboard and created a quick filter hovewer the behaviour after this was as previously described. I also tried to play with the filter settings in the dashboard actions manually but I did not get anywhere (selecting target fields only to gps and so on)...


                Based on this I have really no idea whats wrong, any further sugestions?


                I am using Tableau desktop 10.4 - 32 bit version if that helps anyhow. Thanks for any feedback.