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    Dashboard Swapping

    Vibhuti Verma

      Hi All,



      I have a TWBX containing two dashboards - One is a Gantt chart of the project(Gantt Chart) and the other is also a Gantt view but only for Critical items(Critical Tasks).

      Gantt Chart- Consists of the list of all the tasks in the project plan with progress bar and other details( Start date, Finish Date, Team, etc.)

      Critical Tasks- Similar to Gantt Chart but it has Critical ='Yes' filter on. So all the details are displayed only for Critical tasks.


      Now, my requirement is to hyperlink the task IDs in Critical Tasks dashboard in such a way that upon clicking the ID of the task in Critical view, it automatically moves to Gantt view dashboard and highlight the same task in there.

      For example, assuming Task#4is Critical and is visible in the Critical Tasks dashboard.


      Requirement - When I select 4 in the Critical Tasks dashboard. It should move to the Gantt Chart dashboard and highlight the row with task#4 as in the entire sheet should be visible but just the specific row should be highlighted.

      The reasoning behind the requirement - To get a holistic view of the Critical items as in where exactly it lies and what are its Predecessors and Successors.


      All suggestions will be much appreciated. PFA the sample TWBX.

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          Naveen B

          Hi Vibuthi,


          Check the attached workbook you can see what you are expecting.


          first Thing those are not dashboards , they are called as worksheets


          Use the worksheets --> Actions option to achieve the required O/P


          Hope this helps


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            Vibhuti Verma

            Hi Naveen,


            This doesn't really solve my problem.

            1 - You see if I use your workbook and click on the Task ID, the task is getting filtered in the Gantt Chart. I don't want that. I just want it to be highlighted.

            2 - If I use Highlight Action, it still doesn't work because of two reasons. One it doesn't switch to Gantt Chart automatically and second, it does highlight but if it's a long list, it doesn't automatically scroll down to that task number. For example, if task#200 is a Critical task and I select that in Critical Task view. It'll highlight the task but I will have to manually go to the Gantt Chart and then scroll down to see the highlighted task and its details.


            PS - Thanks for the reminder. I've converted the sheets into dashboards in the sample file. The question is actually based on dashboards itself, not sheets.