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    Web Data Connectors

    Lisa Francolini

      I am so new to tableau, it isn't funny...but I need to get data through an API - REST JSON (from an application we use) into tableau?  I have read some of the information on Web Data Connector  and am not an html person.  What is the easiest way for a non programmer to do this? Are there any generic connectors you may suggest?  Any hacks? Must watch video or training?

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          Joshua Kitz

          Hi Lisa.

          Generally I have used an opensource data prep tool called KNIME to connect to api data, then convert it from JSON to a table friendly format. Then push it to Tableau.


          Using the Web Data Connector when there isn't something already built for it is a bear.


          If you can tell us a little more about your use case, I may be able to offer more specific suggestions.

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            Lisa Francolini

            Hi Joshua,


            Thanks for your email and information. My hope is not to use a 3rd party or open source.  The data I am trying to get needs a bit of control.  I have looked at FME as a middleware - but am not able to encrypt.  Looks like KNIME may be similar.


            I am attempting to retrieve student data and marks from an apiAPIhat throttles to 100 records per call - so I have to loop the pull.


            Let me know if you have any ideas on how to accomplish...short of creating a WDC or .net app(utiltiy) - I am at a bit of a loss.


            With thanks.



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              Joshua Kitz

              Hmmm. Don't have any real suggestions. Your statement about encrypting does have me a little puzzled.


              Generally speaking, data in Tableau isn't considered "encrypted." Are you building something for Tableau Online or Server or are you just using Tableau Desktop?


              If your using desktop, the data sits on your local machine (usually in an data extract - a hyper file). Unless your "live" which you are pretty much going to have to use the WDC.


              Similarly, if you used KNIME (and likely FME) the data pulled would again sit on your local machine. You'd connect Tableau to the file created by KNIME/FME/Alteryx.