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    "The protocol is disconnected!" error while connecting to Tableau Desktop with Hortonworks Hadoop Hive connection

    sivanagaraju gadiparthi

      Hi Community,


      I am trying to connect Hortonworks Hadoop Hive with Tableau 2018.2.0 64-bit. While connecting, there is no issue until I try to search the table. I got the below error when I click the search button:



      Below are the details about my connection:


      Hortonworks Hive ODBC Driver Version:

      Tableau Version: 2018.2.0 64-bit


      In the DB connection details, provided the below details:




      Authentication: Username and Password

      Transport: HTTP

      Username & Password

      HTTP Path

      Require SSL: Checked


      Also, in some cases, The data preview is not working in Data Source tab. There might be a performance issue too.


      Please suggest what all the finetunings can be done from reporting side to improve the query performance.