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    Tableau - display individual state with all county information and highlight only selected counties

    Hithesh Reddy



      I have a requirement where I'm trying to replicate the same structure as my existing web application and attached is the image from my Web application, I have to display individual state and counties and highlight the counties that I chose from the filters drop down but other counties for that state also has to be displayed.


      For Example, If I chose Arizona state, then I've to display Arizona state map with all the counties it has and highlight/color only the counties I select through filters. All the other background has to be excluded. Only the AZ state map with the counties has to be displayed and the counties that has premiums needs to be highlighted.


      Currently, what I'm running into is, when I select counties (only relevant values to that state) it displays only those counties and removes all other counties.


      The left screenshot is from my web application and the right side screenshot is from tableau. I want to achieve the same like web application screenshot.


      Any help on this is really appreciated. Thanks in advance.



      AZ stateMap.PNGtableau_output.PNG