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    Can anyone suggest for a tool to document a style guide for Tableau workbooks?

    Helen Lindsay


      I report survey data to ~25 clients using Tableau Online. The core survey questions are the same. To date, I've had a workbook per client. The workbook for each new client was created from the latest. They are basically the same but not as consistent in style, content and best practice as I want.


      So I'm making a fresh start. I'm creating a set of template workbooks that can be combined as needed for each client. I want to ensure a consistent style across the template workbooks. I've just started to work with Interworks Power Tools. So that can help me identify the inconsistencies e.g. different shades of grey used for worksheet title.


      I want to document my style guide so I can maintain consistency. For example, I want to take a screenshot of a worksheet showing the selected grey for worksheet title. Can anyone recommend a good tool for this? Basically it's a library of screenshots that organises the content into a hierarchy and allows comments and tags.


      Years ago I used Invision. It now has a Feedback and Development tool. However, it seems to work from a prototype  https://support.invisionapp.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000649523.

      It's guide starts with "Open the prototype and navigate to your desired screen". I'm not working with a website/app prototype so I'm not sure it's what I need.


      Any suggestions?