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    Plot Field with Integer values on line chart

    Ronak Modh

      I have plotted a line chart through string field called "Fiscal Week Of Year ID". It has 52/53 weeks as integer for any given year. My challenge is for the missing values of any week in the data, Tableau does not show 0 for those weeks. See the example below to understand:



      So for Entity '2312' it does not show all the weeks from 1 to 52 as there is no sales in those weeks so data is missing in the source itself. But it does not look good. I want to show 0 for those weeks where data is not present. My problem is I have this field as String  type and I don't know how to impute values.


      Marc Rueter Jonathan Drummey, a special request to help. Thanks in advance.



      Ronak Modh