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    Remove Boarder

    Jan Paulsen

      Hello Community,


      This may be a simple question, but I just cannot remove this boarder:

      remove boarder.png

      I've tried all formatting options, but I just can't find it. Could anyone tell me how to do this?


      Kind regards,



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          Don Wise

          Hi Jan,

          Looks like your workbook dashboard is set to None.  The border that you do see in the development of your dashboard is there as a guide only for you.  The viewer will not see it unless you choose to bring the border back again under the Layout Tab.  To check this, click the Presentation Icon and you'll see what the viewer will see...hope that helps answer your question. Thx, Don

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            Jan Paulsen

            Thanks very much:-)!!! It is gone when I publish the dashboard to our server. I can  still see it in presentation mode with Tableau desktop though..

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              Don Wise

              Hi Jan,

              You're welcome...and yes, I see that issue occasionally when I'm developing out dashboards as well...a bit frustrating when developing something out...however, for the viewer it generally works out well.  Glad to have helped!  Thx, Don