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    Creation of budget based on the previous year sales data

    Pramod Hanmi

      Dear all,

      I Need a help on creation of budget based on previous year sales data.


      I have achieved the same in excel however could not get it done in Tableau.


      Attaching is a sample data and tried to create the same in the tableau too but could not achieve what i really wanted.


      What i Need?


      1. if  Jan 2017 sales is 100 then Jan 2018 budget = Jan 2017 sales X % of growth

           Here i have assumed 25% growth. So result should be 125. ( For assumption i have created a parameter where user can assume % of growth.


      Edited: I actually forgot to mention that i have a dynamic data set where the date in the column range is not fixed. Range can very anywhere between a thousands to million


      Thanks for the help.