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    Alternative to Measure Names and Measure Values for bar charts

    Matiss Seglins



      Lets say you have a table like this. Every row adds up to 1 (100%).


      Shipment ID
      % Time Above Spec
      % Time in Spec
      % Time Below Spec


      You want to make a bar chart, like this:




      However if placed in dashboard, filter actions will not work (as I've noticed for everything made with Measure Names and Measure Values) thus If enabled and I click on "Below Low" bar it will not filter any rows and will have no impact on any other viz on dashboard.


      What I want to achieve is that if I click on the "Below Low" bar it would filter and leave only the rows that contributed to those 14%, leaving out any row that whose "% Time below Spec" = 0.


      Is there any way to get the desired result?