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    Calculating % versus % , Month versus Month

    Danilo Lion Estanqueiro Carvalho

      Hey Tableau experts! 


      I'm a beginner user and needing some help here!


      I have a tableau where i show month after month brand shares.


      So, the numbers are something like:



      brand1 sales/total sales  = 20%

      brand2 sales/total sales = 15%



      brand1 sales/total sales  = 10%

      brand2 sales/total sales = 20%


      When trying to use table calculation tableau show the % variation of the absolute number os sales month vs last month, but i need to show the % vs %.




      What tableau shows me the % dif between 'brand1 sales month/brand1 sales last month'.

      and what i need:    the % dif between brand1 %sales month/ brand1 %sales last month.



      (sorry my bad english) 



      Someone can help?