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    Tableau week 53 problem

    Maddy Peña

      Hello guys!

      I'm trying to create a headcount trend per week. the week in my company starts from Monday through Sunday and I already change that on the datasource properties. I have data from Dec 26th, 2016 (monday), tableau identifies that as week 53, and then January 2nd 2017 as week 2.


      We consider week1-2017 from Dec 26th through Jan 1st 2017 and tableau is skipping that one:



      I cannot change the "53" by 1, suggested on several posts because it'll mess with this correct week interpretation, as Dec 25th 2017 (monday)  through Dec 31st 2017 (sunday) is indeed week 53 per our definition:


      Can you help me to solve this?


      Thanks a lot!



      Edit: this is the date properties window: