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    Dual Axis Line chart where one line changes data based on filters

    Vinay V

      Currently I have a data set that is for 3 quarters: Q1, Q2, Q3. It consists of average test score for one test that was taken by all users. The same test was taken in 3 different quarters. All users belong to one company overall. But each user has additional attributes such as location, team name, job level, position, etc.


      I a trying to create a graph that shows the average test scores for all users in each quarter. This would be for all users in the one company. But because there are other attributes for each user, I also want to see the average score in each quarter based on what is filtered. This means if I select a particular team name, then the data should be the average test scores for that team for each quarter.


      I am successfully able to create the above in two separate charts. Where one chart shows the overall average scores for each quarter. This one does not include any filters. The other chart I created, I added filters so it correctly shows the average scores for each quarter based on the filtered data.


      What I am struggling with is to have both of these under one chart. Where it should display the overall average test score for the whole company for each quarter, but then it overlaps with the scores with filtered data this way we can do easy comparison as to where the filtered data stands in reference to the overall company. Meaning if I want to see how did one individual team performed compared to the whole company's average scores.


      When I do dual axis, the filter changes the data for both scores.. In the attached image you can see that I am able to see the data for each quarter and this is for example the overall company score. I would like to have another line on top of that in a different color where it only shows the average score of the filtered data to compare with the overall score.


      Any feedback or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.