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    Use Bar Chart to Filter to different lists in dashboard version 10.5

    Elizabeth Bentley

      Hi! First post here. I really try to find answers first but this time I can't. I'm trying to create a dashboard for our medical providers. Across the top should be a bar chart showing that provider's performance metrics for things like Breast Cancer Screenings, Diabetes, Hypertension, Cholesterol Management, Adolescent HPV screening, etc.

      Below the bar chart, for this question, will be a patient list (with other details not included here). When no bar is selected, the provider's entire panel will comprise the list. But when the provider clicks on one of the bars, that list will switch to the corresponding action list (click a bar for comprehensive diabetes care, the diabetes action list will show; click on the hypertension bar, the hypertension list will show; click on breast cancer screening bar, the breast cancer screening action list will show). I know it can be done, because I got the basic concept from a tableau webinar. I'm attaching a screenshot of that dashboard, and a packaged workbook that's kind of a skeleton of what i'm working on, with identifying information removed. I'm not sure if i'm setting my workbook up wrong (i tried to create just a single worksheet that could change based on a filter but each action list needs its own sheet, as far as i can tell, or i need help writing a calculation that considers whether a patient is flagged in each action list, independently, on the same worksheet. Patients can be flagged for none, one, more, or all action lists. I tried using dashboard actions but can only see them working at the level of the worksheet, not able to filter based on details within the worksheet. provider_interface.jpgOkay, so here, if you click one of the red or green bars the list at the bottom changes to reflect that measure. But it isn't RELATED to the measure in the workbook, they are totally different things...so i can't add a common field to filter on. I've attached a packaged workbook but not sure i did it right...created extract, etc. If i'm wrong please advise.