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    Need help!!!!  PLEASE

    Nakia Gladden

      Good Morning,


      I posted this question on Reddit.com and based off of the responses, everyone believed that Tableau was the perfect program to achieve my result. I am completely new to this and have no problem with investing time to learn how to get the most out of this program, but I want to make sure it will be helpful in this quest before spending the time.


      Project: I work in human resources at the HQ of a union.  We have many local offices scattered throughout the US and we group them by districts.  We noticed a discrepancy in the amount of support staff employees we have allocated to certain districts (some have a full staff and others are starving for more help).  The president of our company tasked me with creating a map of the US, highlighting each of our districts.  The goal is to be able to hover over the state that houses our district offices and the pop-up reads how many, for example, representatives are at that districts, how many secretaries, how many attorneys, etc.)  We are attempting to allocate staff more evenly when deciding our yearly budgets.


      I am sure that my first error is how to simply communicate this in excel; which may be why I am running into an issue in Tableau, but data analysis is relatively new to me and I have no idea how to communicate this in both excel and eventually through Tableau.


      Is Tableau the program for me?  If so, please send suggestions my way to help.  Any help would be 100% appreciated.  Understand that the more layman the better.