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    data Blend not bringing all data from primary source

    Geneth McAlister


      I can't profess to being an expert, but I really though I understood data blends! As usual Tableau has humbled me. I have a Tableau data source the is linked to an excel spreadsheet that contains my plan. The two data sources are linked on product, month Key, packaging and branch.

      Ok, no rocket science yet.

      I have a filter that filters for the current period (month or Fin year) and same period last year (this works perfectly)

      I have a measure that only shows the sales for the current period and I have one that shows sales for the last period (these work perfectly as well).


      I created a table that includes the branch, Actual CY and Plan and this works perfectly

      If i exchange product for branch the plan changes

      My plan is the primary source

      and the links for Calendar month Key and Product are enabled


      What it is doing is not showing the plan where there are no sale for that product.

      I thought that using the plan as the primary source created a left join and as such should include ALL data from  the primary source. This is not the case and I am most frustrated. I am willing to share the Packaged workbook but only via email if necessary.