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    LOD to remove duplicates when joining data




      I need to match some Website and Email Data back to one person - issue is when i left join due to multiple emails sent to one person it also dupes the website data - i know data blending can solve this issue but i would rather use an LOD


      Having a bit of trouble working it out - when i join the email data i want to create a filter that counts Website data only - see below the differences pre and post join using Person 4 as an example



      Website Data:



      Website + Email:



      Also attached are the datasets for person 4 - any assistance would help greatly -


      Also an recommendations or material/learning around complex LOD (i have data i will need to join from multiple channels which may dupe sets) and pro's/cons on data blending (i have had issues around it before - and i need to be able to group/segment the data i.e. Persons opening emails vs those on our website etc)


      Thank you