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    Custom SQL - group_concat_max_len

    Steven Rees



      I am new to tableau here and have a problem with group_concat using the custom sql script.

      I am concating multiple comments which results in lengths of more than 1024


      I tried to include:

      SET SESSION group_concat_max_len = 4000;

      but tableau does not seem to like this, even though the query works in mysql workbench.


      We set the value then as a global setting on the server and it works with the mysql workbench query. i.e. we get the full comments included upto 4000

      However, tableau still cuts off the data at 1024 even though the group_concat query pulls the full data in workbench.

      Clearly, this is a data limitation on the field in tableau.


      Is there a way to overcome this and pull the full data?