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    Multiple Dynamic filters based on a single user selection

    Bronwen Smith

      Version: 2018.1.4

      Datasource: Cube


      Hi to all the brilliant Tableau developers out there. I've recently started my tableau journey but am working on a cube. I unfortunately cannot attach the workbook due to non-disclosure, but I hope I can describe the problem I'm having accurately enough to get some help. I'm beginning to wish I could go back to SSRS (!!).


      The information on the Dashboard is all based on the year - current year for some, current year vs previous year for others, and in still others, the last 10 years. The Dashboard as stand alone is fine, but now of course I've been tasked with making it dynamic. The client wants to choose which year of data to be displayed, and want a drop down box with the list of valid years (i.e. no future data) to be able to select the year which then needs to merrily filter down and adjust the graphs and charts accordingly. I'd be lying if I said I even knew where to start, or even whether it's possible, since the year is a dimension. To make matters worse, there are about 30 sheets behind the scenes making up the dashboard, and I have to be super careful to apply the right year to the right sheet, otherwise it all falls apart.


      Really hope someone brilliant out there has some good ideas!

      Thanks in advance