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    Selecting single value via text search in multi values dropdown filter

    Dan Goodman

      Hello - I am having trouble with the "search text" feature in a Multiple Values (dropdown) quick filter.  In the attached workbook (Dashboard 1, created using Tableau 2018.1.4) I have done the following, using Superstore Data:


      1) create a quick filter on Product Name

      2) set the filter as "Multiple Values (dropdown)


      Now I want to search for a unique value, e.g., "CS6719"


      When I do that, I find a single match, "Vtech CS6719", but there is no way to select it.  In the example, I have "Show Apply Button" selected as a filter customization, but the "cancel" and "apply" buttons are grayed out.  The match, "Vtech CS6719" is checked, but not applied to the view.  In effect, all products remain selected.


      The only way I can get this to work is by first unchecking "all" before doing the text search, but this is not a good user experience, because it requires multiple clicks.  Plus, it's not intuitive.


      Is there a way to solve this?