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    WDC Starter: How to use local WDC's in Tableau Desktop?

    Karsten Henow

      Hi.. I'm pretty new to this WDC topic and trying to get along with the tutorial. I was able to generate the .html and .js file and in the simulator the WDC works pretty good.


      However the tutorial just mentions "Now open your connector in Desktop" but it doesn't show me how this is supposed to work. From all the documentation I could find I learned that it needs to be a webpage.. but that's not the case here.. I would like to point to the .html file either on my dev server OR alternatively on my C: drive. Both aren't working and I'm not sure how I can get access to this WDC data. I'm using Desktop 2018.2 and the tableau dev server is 2018.2.0 as well.


      Any idea or a hint where I could find a solution would really be appreciated.