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    Showing photos from a shared drive in a web part


      Dear all

      I created 2 y ago a report which is a dashboard for the points of sales we have in my company.

      The behavior was as follows: a user would select a point of sale from a list (using dynamic filter) and once selected all data related to this shop would appear, including a photo.

      This worked great until 1-2 months ago where to photos stopped showing.

      The path of the pictures are on a shared drive:



      I show them using a webpart. However now when i click I get the following message in Tableau Desktop:



      Also if i add file: at the beginning of the path, it just gives me a blank image (but if i take the path created and paste it in Internet explorer i see the image...):



      Would you know what this means? The link used to work without issues...


      I am now using Tableau Desktop 10.5.


      ** UPDATE **

      I understand now that as of Tableau Desktop 10, the file: protocol is not authorized anymore and only https or http should be used.

      This implies in my case moving the images to a local webserver or to an online image storage. Both of which are impossible to do as new images arrive in our system every day.

      Does anyone have any loophole that could be used?