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    Refreshing Excel source data extract on Tableau Online

    ankita V

      Hello All,


      I have few doubts of how the excel data which is in the form of extract using the excel source which is on my local machine refresh on Tableau Online once published.

      I want to do it without using any tableau bridge concept here.

      Usually when we publish any datasource having SQL connection we follow normal steps of

      1. Go to publish data source

      2. Provide project, name

      3. Schedule the refresh timings

      4. Embed password

      5. include external files.


      But when we are using excel as source and have changed the connection to extract form, how doe this work on Tableau online.

      1. do we follow the same steps above?

      2. Should the "Include external files " be checked when publishing to tableau online?

      3.Once when the refresh schedule runs on Tableau online will the excel data be refreshed.?

      4. or is there any step we need to do for publishing Excel source data extract to tableau online.


      Please provide clarity, this might be simple but there is confusion.