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    Adding a dummy dimension to filter values

    anuj agrawal

      Hello I have data that has three types of capital expenses. These expenses are seperate in the measures as aggregations.


      I want to create a dummy calculated field that I can put in as a filter.

      The three expenses are Capital1, Capital2 and Capital3 which come from a calculated field and are sum aggregates.


      What i basically want to do is make a dummy calculated field that has values capital1, capital2 and capital3.

      Then using this in the filter i will create another calculated field using an IF conditional and place it in the view. Something like this:


      If [DummyField] = "Capital1" then sum([Capital1]]

      elsif [DummyField] = "Capital2" then sum([Capital2]]

      else [DummyField] = "Capital3" then sum([Capital3]]