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    How to graph different relative calculated measures based on measure values?


      Newbie here - so please forgive if this is a very simple task in tableau


      Below is an example of how the data looks -

      Test Case #Device 1 ResultDevice 2 Result


      Here's the question - I want to generate relative performance of Device 1 vs Device 2 across the two test cases, with the caveat as below -

      TC_1 Relative Gain = Device 1 Result / Device 2 Result

      TC_2 Relative Gain = Device 2 Result / Device 1 Result


      Is there a way to achieve these graphs on separate sheets without generating an additional calculated field? The reason I ask is that I have a bunch of test cases and need to plot the relative gains differently for each test cases and if I were to generate a calculated field for each test case, that would result in a lot of measures and am trying to avoid that. Hoping that someone can suggest an easy way to do this.