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    Show previous periods

    David Recuero Guerra

      I want to show previous periods based on a tricky pattern. I'd like to see current quarter, previous quarter, and Q4 of the previous 3 years. There is one special case: in Q1, the previous quarter equals Q4 of previous year (see first row of the table below). In this case I would only show 4 columns instead of 5. Any ideas on how to achieve this (or something similar) as automatically as possible?


      Periods throughout 2018
      In Q12018 Q12017 Q42016 Q42015 Q4
      In Q22018 Q22018 Q12017 Q42016 Q42015 Q4
      In Q32018 Q32018 Q22017 Q42016 Q42015 Q4
      In Q42018 Q42018 Q32017 Q42016 Q42015 Q4



      Thank you very much.